Six-word memoirs

The thing I like most about using twitter is the brevity of it. Few of my ideas fit naturally into 140 characters. They need to be distilled, concentrated. I'm forced to pare away every extraneous shift in thought, to ask myself "What is it that I want to say". The end result of this process is not always beautiful. I sometimes find myself resorting to abbreviation, poor grammar, or other shortcuts. But in the best cases, I end with a pure thought inless than 141 characters.

Now that you know what I like about twitter, you might correctly guess that I 'm a huge fan of smithmag's six-word memoirs. Even more brief, and requiring a degree of concentration that's a bit frightening - an entire life distilled into six words. Of course not everyone tries to encapsulate a life. There are six-words discussing love affairs, New Year's resolutions, job loss and every other thing that might feel like a whole life in a given moment. But, in my opinion, the entries that actually attempt to encapsulate a life are the best. I'll list a few here for your perusal. Mine's the last one.

Not quite what I was planning.

Shy mother bewildered by self-confident daughter.

I do not snap: I flex.

Brought it to a boil, often . (This one by Mario Batali)

I am stronger than they think.

Found a few worth my time.

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