Colors of Winter

Even on a January day where temperatures didn't break 15 deg F, the woods are filled with color... if you take the time to look. (I took all of these photos today in Johnson Park in Racine).

This being the start of a new year, I thought I'd share a few resolutions of mine. In addition to the traditional resolutions (lose weight, be more understanding, get out of debt, don't yell at the kids as much, stop shooting heroin, etc.), I'm doing some frequency resolutions. It's a way to help me remember to do the things that make me feel happier and more centered - good for me, and good for those around me.

Without further ado, my frequency resolutions:

1. Get out into nature every week. (Geocaching is my favorite tool for this. It gives me a destination.)

2. Create something every week (f'rinstance, a fimo sculpture, a fancy dinner, a chapter in a book, or... a photo collage!)

3. Dinner with friends every month (With family events, the kids school and sports, and projects around the house, I sometimes find that I haven't seen any of my friends from outside of work and family for a month or even two. It's completely unacceptable).

4. Volunteer somewhere every quarter (Ideally, I'd do this more often, but I've gotten completely out of the volunteering habit, and this is a baby step to get back into it.)

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