I've recently been obsessing over some of the vids on YouTube. TheWineKone is fun, and lassegg is...just weird, but my most recent obsession is lonelygirl15 a.k.a. Bree. lonelygirl is different from the others in that it's got a little money behind it, and it's completely scripted.

The story appears as a series of video blogs by a 16 year old girl who's led a very sheltered life, including homeschooling and a strict religious upbringing. Bree has a good friend named Daniel who is, of course, in love with her. Together with a purple monkey handpuppet, they video blog a few minutes a couple of times a week. Pretty basic, boring stuff, no?

But what's up with these arguments Bree and Daniel have? She's participating in some sort of religious ceremony where her parents can't be present? And celebrating the solstice? And isn't that a photo of Aleister Crowley on her wall? And aren't those flash cards filled with enochian runes? Exactly which fundamentalist religion does this girl belong to? For the price of about 5 minutes a week, you can learn more. There are worse ways to spend your time... like turning your daughter over to a murderous cult for use in magickal sex-rituals, f'rinstance! Not that anyone in the show is doing that, of course. That would be wrong.

(I know, I know... they aren't great actors. But hell, Buffy and Angel are off the air, and I can watch this any time I want. I'm in.)

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