vegetarian MRE

Most of you will have heard of MREs by now. It's the current US military ration, the Meal Ready-to-eat. Ever wondered what a vegetarian would get in one of those? Well, wonder no more, thanks to my brother - let's call him "Guppy". He scored one for me, and I had it for lunch today.

And what did lunch consist of? A vegetarian burger in BBQ sauce between two slices of "bread", with sides of shoestring potatoes and raisins. Also included were a choice of beverage and a scone for desert. The flavor of the meal was really pretty good. The texture? Well, I don't think I'll move again for 12 hours. It's sitting in my belly like a sandbag. This meal is obviously intended for a person on the go. After all, it contains around 1250 calories - a bit more than a fairly sedentary individual needs for lunch.

The best item was the veggie burger. It really reminded me more of the vegetarian bbq ribs available in most grocery store freezer sections. The bread, tho? Wow. It was unlike anything I've ever encountered. That's some durable stuff, dense and unforgiving. I wonder if they could maybe invent some sort of vacuum packed bread that would expand upon opening. Consider it a challenge. The heater dohickey was pretty cool, too. Anyway, click on the pic above to see larger versions of the individual pics. I've commented the individual items on this pic. Thanks, Guppy!

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