My deranged daughter

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As I washed the dinner dishes, The Girl was explaining to me that I was a geek, but her mother was not. To illustrate this point, the girl spent a couple of minutes with Post-it notes and pens constructing the bar graphs at right. On the first chart, we see that my 'Geekness' bar (representing my traditional geek qualities) extends for 20 units, while The Wife's bar extends only to 18. On the other hand, TW reached 15 units of traditional Parent qualities, while I read only about 14. Therefore, I'm more geeky, she's more... 'parenty'.

Of course, the clearest thing represented by these charts is that my third-grade daughter is destined to be a bigger geek than either her mother or I will ever be! Bar charts, indeed!


poppgrrl said...

First of all, your daughter is not "deranged"; she's absolutely right... well, almost. I would up the geek quotient on you a little bit. You out-geek your wife by more than two points in my opinion (after all, she doesn't maintain a blog with postings about YouTube videos, strange beer concoctions and Marvel comics). Just out of curiosity, did you ask TG where she would put herself on that bar graph?

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Mike said...

I've just asked TG where she'd rate herself. She's decided that, leaving out the bar graph which has temporarily elevated her geek level, she would rate a 'Geekness' Level of about 19, midway between her two parents. Very diplomatic, no?

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