At Guppy’s suggestion, I switched over to watch Heroes the other night, and I thought it looked fairly promising. Don’t know what I’m talking about? It’s a new show on NBC about people who begin to develop superpowers. Go here and watch the official promo.

So. Assuming that the show will continue to air long enough to actually answer any of the mysteries unveiled, I think I’ll make some predictions (spoilers ahead):

  • First, the reason for the sudden appearance of these powers: a micro-organism engineered by the dead (or is he?) geneticist for the express purpose of unleashing our hidden powers.
  • Second. Why is the cheerleader living with scary knows-more-than-he’s-saying guy? Because he acquired some of the micro-organism early on and infected her with it, after kidnapping her from her natural parents when she was a baby. He hopes to eventually control all of the ‘heroes’ for the good of mankind.
  • Third, I predict that the eclipse has nothing to do with the powers, except to perhaps act as a trigger for releasing the micro organism from some sort of mechanical containment.
  • Finaly, I predict that crazy mirror girl will spend some time on the dark side of the force before coming to grips with her abilities and working for the good of mankind.

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poppgrrl said...

I'm so glad you watched this show. It looked intriguing, but I'm already addicted to too much TV. Now (assuming you'll continue to keep us updated on the show's progress) I can keep up with it without having to waste another hour of my life every week. :)

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