Oooh! So Spo-o-o-oky!

In honor of today's mindless celebration of the numerical representation of a meaningless and arbitrary date, I propose the following dinner menu for a 06-06-06 feast:

Devilled Eggs
Devilled Ham Sandwiches (mmm...Underwood)
Devil’s Food Cake (Little Debbie Devil Squares pictured below)
Beer *
* (each bottle is 12 ounces, that’s two sixes, and it comes in a six pack, that’s the third six… 6-6-6 buddy, 666.)

This menu is guaranteed to produce truly hellacious sulfurous discharges, for that real fire and brimstone odor. Bon App├ętit!


poppgrrl said...

Mmmmmm, sounds delicious. The after-effects of said meal may well make the people around you wish it were the end of the world. :) One question, though: what's the deal with the deviled ham? I thought you were a vegetarian. Did you give up your veg-head ways or does it not count since there's a 99.999% chance there's no actual meat in that stuff anyway?

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"msnkpa": unit of measure typically used to describe the pressure felt by Microsoft workers to contribute to the company's success and therefore make Bill Gates even more money

Mike said...

I didn't say _I_ was going to eat this crap. So, it doesn't matter whether I'm a veg or not. Although it must be said that I do make a tasty vegetarian deviled ham-esque delight based around tofu dogs.

PS: loved your definition. Incorporating the idea of the kilopascal is ingenious!

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vgyxo, common closing to flirtatious emails of the Vegans Unite! forums. Translates as "veggie hugs and kisses"

poppgrrl said...

Oh, my mistake. Far be it from me to insult your diet of deep-fried cheese curds and tofu burgers. And please... "crap" is such a subjective term.

I knew you'd like the definition. I have my moments of genius every now and then (they are much fewer and far between these days). You should like this one, too.

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