Off to vote!

Well, I'm off to vote in the near-annual school funding referendum! This year we'll be deciding if we want to discontinue classrooms, text books, and public libraries, and just sell everything off (except the football fields) for money to buy beer and porn. Here's keeping my fingers crossed that The Girl will still have a school to go to next year!

UPDATE! This just in. The referendum has passed! No thanks is due to the people of my fine village, who voted narrowly in opposition to the referendum. F-ing village. Too g-damn many stupid, selfish people. HEll, the rerferendum doesn't even increase our taxes, it just holds them steady. Tell me, what good does it do ANY homeowner to have a school system in decline? Some of the idiots on the Journal Times discussion boards are ranting about how this wasn't about taking funding from the schools, it was about demanding new leadership. Great, except the election for school board was in November. Others are saying the won't vote for more money for the district until the test scores improve. That's like saying you won't put more gas in your car until it drives you to San Diego. You think you're punishing the car, but you still don't get to San Diego. Denying the district operating funds doesn't hurt the school board, it hurts the kids. Kids who have already seen music, art, library and so on slashed by half (yes, literally) in the past couple of years. Thank ghod this one squeaked by, next year may be tougher. Fingers crossed.

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