No Problem!

What the hell. I'm going to do it. 43 stories, 1034 steps. Yep, I'm climbing to the top of the First Wisconsin building. (OK, technically, it's the US Bank Building now, but to me, it will always be the First Wisconsin.) Why would I do such a stupid thing? Let me, as Shakespeare says, count the ways:

1) to raise money for the American Lung Association. More about them here. We lost my father-in law to lung cancer a few years ago, so this one is near and dear.

2) to challenge myself. 1034 steps. Doesn't sound like much 'til you run 100 stairs. 1000 is a whole f-ing lot of stairs.

3) to motivate myself to get in a little better shape. Strike that - a LOT better shape. I've got a month. That means running stairs, riding the bike, and portion control. If I don't knock this body into some sort of reasonable cardiac fitness in the next month, I'll never make it to the top.

4) Kevin started a team. That's where the NO PROBLEM comes from. It's his team name. So far, he's the only one listed. I'd hate to make him climb alone. So, I'm going to climb too. Not that I think our times will be anything alike. But again... what the hell.

Points 2 and 3 are allo my own. But for point 1, I need some help. Help me out, friends, family and loyal reader. I've got a fundraising page up here. I'm targetting $200 as my first goal. If you could contribute a few bucks, I'd really appreciate the hell out of it!

(Thanks to the National Archives of the Netherlands for the use of the photo above.)

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