I just stumbled across a new web-show last night. It stars the woman who played the aunt on lonelygirl. Turns out her real name is Bitsie Tulloch. Oh my lord. Bitsie Tulloch?! Wow. That should be the name of a german singer from the 20's. But the show is pretty good. 8-12 minutes, twice a week. Basically, it's Friends set in real life.

They meet in a bar instead of a coffee shop, and their lives are a lot messier and more dramatic. There's so much going on already, that I don't even know where to start. There's the pretty blonde waitress whose acting coach crushes her by saying that she doesn't own her sexuality and she shouldn't be an actress; the writer working as an intern assistant editor whose boss steals here idea - so she lets everyone know; there are the film school graduates who get their first commercial - and get into a huge fight over it that isn't helped by the fact the writer has just blogged about the fact that the one guy is in love with the other guy's girlfriend. And more and more. The acting is very good. The writing is excellent, and somehow, it's avoiding that comic book feel that a lot of short web shows get.

My one complaint is that the interface is a bit difficult to navigate. I hope they'll fix that soon. I'm hooked. It's set to be 36 episodes. That's about 6 hours all together - about the same as a half season of american network TV. Click the title of this post to watch the latest episode, or find them on myspace or youtube. Apparently, myspace will get the first release of each webisode. They're only on ep 6 right now, so it should take around an hour to get caught up.

UPDATE: According to the article that I stole the above pic from , it looks like NBC has bought rights to the show. Once the web run ends, it'll be there!

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