Heroes: thoughts on the viewing

My thoughts on the latest episode of Heroes, reorganized by Characeter:

Matt Parkman:
Parkman made Mama Petrelli give him the name. Shit. This guy has major personality flaws. In addition to his criminally low self-esteem, he has that not infrequent cop attitude of “I’m doing good. It doesn’t matter if I’m using evil mehods.” He’s just enjoying the mind control power too much. Next, he’ll start using it to get little things for himself, and justify it with: I work hard, I deserve a little reward. Then watch for Parkman to be the Big Bad in an upcoming chapter. He’s already well down the road. I think his middle name is “The End Justifies the Means”

Well, we finally, confirmation that Elle is Bob's daughter. That’s nice. And then we got another episode full of clichés like: "He's adorable! Can I keep him?” Elle is getting to be too much of a charicature. Gotta give her a little depth or kill her off. And what’s with her trying to use her powers while she was soaking wet? What, she’s never taken a bath before? This girl uses her power all the freakin time. She would’ve tried it while wet before. They don't think these things out sometimes. Oh, and Bob took his own daughter in to the Company and had them do electroshock on her to bring out her powers?! Wow. No wonder HRG didn’t want them to get Claire. What a bunch of psychos!

West and HRG are just doing an amazing job lately. The guy who plays HRG is so freaking convincing as both the loving father and as the ruthless killer. And the loving father is so convincing that I flinch every time he goes ruthless. I know he’s gonna, but still jump. And the guy who plays West had some excellent line readings last night. When he said “Mr. Butler, what are you doing?” (as HRG prepared to shoot Mohinder) it was perfect.
I’m happy that West is turning out to be a real good guy and brave defender of our little Claire (looking tasty in that cheerleader uniform!). Should be interesting to see if HRG can avoid triggering a power struggle over her. Unfortunately, he seems to be a bit of a brat, complaining about the quality of his SUV. Geez. 17 year old kid with an SUV. Makes me sick. Oh, also loved Mrs. Bennett’s line about Claire dating someone like her father. I’d totally missed that flying thing.
So sad that Claire is such a naïve little girl. She needs to smarten up quick. Going home after escaping from a guy who knows your real name. Duh! And now Dad is in Company storage. Saw that one coming. Wonder what they’ll do with him, and why they didn’t let him die. I wonder if they’ve any use for him, or if he’s just bait for Claire.

What a freaking idiot. Does he have to survive? How did a guy like this survive in academia?

Hiro and his Pop:
Is it just me, or did they just film the same funeral scene twice – once for Papa Nakamura, once for Mama? I guess they ran out of money for the ep. Loved seeing little Hiro say "I am Takezo Kensei". The rest of these scenes I could have done without. Tell me, how does letting his Dad die serve anything? What honor is served by letting a
murder occur? I assume they have police in Japan. Or does everyone just accede to murderes as their fate? Putting him back there is like helping him commit suicide. I wonder what Hiro will do after they hit? We know that Adam disappeared pretty quickly… perhaps because Hiro nabbed him and took him somewhere?Maybe some little island all by himself?

Finally, a theory not specifically related to this episode: The first evolved human was Adam, and he is the ancestor of ALL of the evolved humans. Hence his name - Adam. Over the course of 400 years, his mutations would have time to spread into scatterd pockets around the world. Adam may not have realized this, since he seems the type to taunt people with this sort of knowledge.

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