Had a great time at Summerfest on Tuesday! Saw a bunch of great bands, ate a lot of deep fried things (mmm... mozzarella sticks), drank a lot of fermented things, and marveled at what the young women are wearing these days.

To recreate my day, fry yourself some cheese curds, get yourself a few Cattail Ales, and a few Leinies, log into myspace and surf the pages (this recreates being immersed in a crowd of mindless high-schoolers, college kids, and dropouts), while visiting these websites and listening to some tunes:

I saw some other bands, too. But I'll be damned if I can remember their names. They were mostlyof the stop a listen to a song, then move on variety, anyway. The three above were the key shows I checked out. I already had Julie and Pat on CD, and I picked up the Roster McCabe CD at the show. V. Good! All the crowds had their share of, um, interesting people, but the Julie Moffitt crowd was especially interesting, since it was composed of (in ascending proportion):
  1. passers-by
  2. Julie Moffit fans
  3. AFI fans (who looked goth to me, but then I'm an old man, so what the hell do I know?)

Apparently, AFI was the final show of the day, and the crowd wanted to be sure they had good seats. It was pretty weird seeing all these kids in black T-shirts, long black coats, striped stockings and pierced everything, kicking back and listening to Julie. Although I'm sure the fact the Julie was smokin' hot (and amazing vocally, and had a great set list) for the show made the whole experience a bit easier for the hetero male portion of the crowd.

Oh, and it rained a bit. But when has that ever stopped Summerfest from festing?

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