Loads of things I've been meaning to mention but, with one thing and another, haven't.

1) TheBoy's Illness. I'd previously mentioned that he was seeming sick. Well, 8 hours of non-stop screaming, followed by a night lying on the floor next to him, and a visit to the doctor provided a verdict: walking pneumonia... or rather, crawling pneumonia. So, Zithromax for the germs. And an albuterol inhaler for the wheezing. Second time he's had albuterol inhalers and he's not even 1 yet. I'm seeing asthma in this boy's future. He seems mostly healed up now, but gets tired and cranky a bit earlier in the day. This is exacerbated by a clingy phase he's going through and the bad habits we let him develop while he was ill (no, not cigars and whiskey. I refer to his waking during the night and demanding our immediate attention. This will end soon, mark my words).

2) The Racine Zoo. Before TheBoy was in full scream mode, the three of us (The Fishmonger, TheBoy and TheGirl) spent the day oot and aboot (look, I can write Canadian!) in Racine. We visited the Racine Zoo and then lunched at the Groundskeeper. We generally had a very nice time. I highly recommend hitting feeding time at the monkey house (AKA The Castle). Quite a sight to see. Makes a high school cafeteria seem mild by comparison. While most of the animals at the zoo (lions, a tiger, monkeys, orangutans, a giraffe, a rhino, aligators, some sort of mountain goats, meerkats, coatimundi and more) seemed to be in reasonable (if not luxurious) accomodations, TheGirl and I were a bit put off by the African Penguins. They seemed to have no access to water, and were standing in a small glass-walled room surrounded by the aligator pond. Which is probably why they aren't given access to the water. Still, I wonder if the poor little guys ever get to go for a plunge. I'll be sad about them 'til I hear they do.

3) The neighbor's party. Very calm and relaxed. With TheBoy screaming for nearly the entire length of the party, we opted not to attend, but the party seemed very much in control, with no more than 2 dozen people at any time. No idea why there was a porta potty. Perhaps it's an inside joke.

4) TheWife's Birthday. It all went swimmingly, if you ask me.

We met for dinner at the Asiana Restaurant in Racine (which I've also seen referred to as Asiana Bowl, Asiana Korean Restaurant and Asiana Korean-Japanese Restaurant). The meals were quite tasty. I had a vegetarian stir fry of apparent Japanese origin, TheWife had some Korean thing which I forget, and TheGirl had chicken cutlets with panko breading. The Korean eggrolls and strange and delicious pancake looking thing which we had for appetizers were also quite tasty. Best of all, they were very accomodating of TheBoy. When our miso soup was brought to the table, our waitress asked us if it would be OK to bring him some rice and miso broth. We said it was, and he loved the bowl of rice, broth and tofu that she brought. Then, when he started getting 'grabby' during dinner (grabbing first my plate, then my beer bottle, then my napkin, and on and on), our waitress (who I think may also have been one of the owners) stopped by to ask if she could hold him for a bit. We said 'Sure!', and she spent the rest of our dinner strolling him around the restaurant (remaining mostly in our view), entertaining him. Quite the treat for us. I consider it a special fortune, since she wouldn't have been able to be so sweet to us if the restaurant had been as full as it deserved to be. A quick stop at Sugar Shack for ice cream, consumed while relaxing on a Monument Square bench, while caressed by gentle lake breezes, completed our dining.

TheWife opened presents when we got home. Once again, TheBoy had the best gift, a fused glass pendant from etsy.com. TheGirl's gifts (a Vera Bradley luggage tag, and a beautiful scarf) came in second, while the Vera Bradley messenger bag I bought TheWife is still on the potentially to be exchanged pile (right colors, wrong style. I knew it, too).

And that's it for now. We're hoping to visit the Keno Drive-In tonight. Expect a review and pics before next week!

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