Van De Girl Generator

OK, not quite this bad, but still freakySo, the girl and I are outside this evening while a storm front approached. She's kicking the soccer ball around. I'm ... well, I'm photographing vegetables. It's one of the things I do. Whatever. Rain has just begun to fall in a light sprinkle, and we're debating how much longer she can stay out. As I fuss with the veggies, I chat with the girl, talking over my shoulder. She says that she thinks she should put a jacket on if she stays outside. I open my mouth to reply, and lightning lights the sky a bit off to the northeast, followed quickly by a loud crack-rumble of thunder. The sound startles The Girl, and she jumps with a 'Yip!' worthy of any purse-dog. When I turn to look, her hair is floating eerily about her face! (OK, not as much as the girl in the picture, but still! Read on.) As in van de graaf generator style antics! Now, the girl has somewhat curly, long blonde-brown hair. On days like today with moderate humidity, it tends to frizz a bit. But this was weird. The stray strands that always hang about her face were... floating. I shouted at her to hit the ground, and did the same, myself. It's worth noting here that she immediately complied, without asking why. That week in Camp Lejeune really did her some good! Still, the hair floated. My cropped crop of hair did not float. My hairs lay still and flat, likely contemplating whether to join their brethren in leaping from my scalp in yet another follicular protest suicide.

But I digress. We scrambled into the house, and upon crossing the threshold, her hair settled batk into its normal frizzy halo.

Conclusion? I think we were just about hit by lightning! The Girl says she didn't feel weird, and I can vouch for sensing a complete lack of charge. But the hair speaks for itself, no?

PS: Speaking of Van De Graaf Generators, wouldn't that be a great birthday gift?! Only $125 at American Science and Surplus!

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