Latest neat thing I've come across while surfing the web: Postcrossing

It's a pretty simple process:

  1. Enter your mailing address into the online form.
  2. Request up to 5 addresses of other postcrossers.
  3. Mail cards to those addresses, and include the tracking number.
  4. When each of those cards is "checked in", your address gets put into the mix.
  5. Receive cards from others

I've requested three addresses so far, and have addresses in Finland, France, and England that will be receiving cards from me. Apparently, there's some sort of scheme to get you addresses far from where you live. Nice idea, especially if you've got a youngster around who thinks international stamps are cool.

I plan to send out homemade cards, but there's no requirement - any postcard will do. My first card is at left, sent to a young woman in Finland.
I can't wait to start receiving cards. I guess it's just another window into the kid I still am who collected postcards years ago. I expect there'll be something of a delay, since I've only sent out one card thus far. But that will be part of the fun - never knowing when a post card will arrive! And when it does arrive, will it be a cool shot of their town, a nifty homemade car, or just more kitten pics? Wish me luck!

UPDATE: I'll be posting pics of cards received and sent in my flickr account.

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