A hullaballoo

Lot's going on right now, so the posting has gotten a bit sparse, hmmm? What's going on, you ask? Well, let me tell you.

On Sunday, the Mother-in-Law (MIL) began to experience severe pain on the left side of her abdomen. As she drove herself to the emergency room, she called her daughter (also known as The Wife). Now I’m not sure exactly what MIL told TW, but what TW heard was that MIL had sever pain on the left side of her body. Leaping was immediately commenced and a conclusion of ‘heart attack’ were reached. This, it turns out, was an incorrect conclusion destination. The proper destination was ‘appendicitis with leaking appendix’. Also not good, but at least not a heart attack. On the other hand, it certainly eliminated any possibility of MIL leaving for a trip to Las Vegas on Sunday evening. Well, MIL has been dosed up on antibiotics and pain meds for the past couple of days, and is now doing much better. The complications that seemed possible have vanished in the bright light of laboratory testing, and she should be coming home tommorrow or the next day.

So, while The MIL was getting checking into the hospital, and getting that nasty little intestinal squiggle removed, TW went to be by her side, as was good and right. TG was dropped at Sunday school and went home with a cousin for the day. That left me with The Boy. Oh my. I hadn’t yet had more than an hour or so of alone time with The Boy at this point. As such, I’d missed one critical piece of imformation about my offspring. Namely, during daylight hours, he requires noise.

This does not have to be any special noise. A conversation, a television program, a radio or an internet music source will all provide sufficient noise to keep the dear boy at peace with his world. Not having been aware of this, I inadvertently provoked The Boy by maintaining my home as an oasis of quiet tranquility. Or at least it had been an oasis of tranquility until the 4 hours (I kid you not, FOUR HOURS) of near-constant screaming began. Throughout, he would pause for a few moments every hour to rest his voice and assure himself that noise had not yet reasserted it’s comforting presence.

Not good. The headache thus produced lingered for 4 days. Coyotes were contemplated as a means of child-disposal. The Boy has been touchy and crabby for a like amount of time. Finally, peace ruled in our domain last night. It was a noisy peace, too. The Boy and I now agree that it’s the best kind.

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