What a freakin’ night…

So, when I got home from shopping last night, I was in a pretty good mood, because I was driving our new mini-van (a 2005 Town & Country). It even has a nifty feature where you can program your garage door opener into the vehicle. Unfortunately, when I got home, I tried it and found it can’t be programmed easily for our opener. (Minor disappointment).

I grabbed the mail before heading into the house. Walking back up the driveway, I noticed something from the village. It looked important, so I opened it. It was our new assessment. Our assessed value has increased $70,000. (stomach punch). Why this is a surprise to me, I don’t know. Both of our neighbor’s homes, with only slightly more square footage recenly sold for slightly more than the new assessment. Still, somehow, it hadn’t occurred to me.
Feeling a bit negative now, I tossed the mail on the counter, and turned to start bringing in the groceries.

Something seemed strange about the fridge. I reached for the freezer door. When my finger tips touched it, it closed. (sinking feeling). Fortunately, there was only a small puddle on the front edge, and everything inside was still frozen. (surge of relief). I felt better only until I remembered the letter on the counter (a return of the sinking feeling).

I wiped up the puddle, and checked to see if it had leaked into the fridge. The fridge had apparently been booby trapped (with me the booby), because as soon as I opened it, a cascade of powdered milk spilled down across the shelves. (Deep sigh) The powdered milk, used for bread machine baking, had been knocked out of the butter keeper in the fridge door. I tidied up the mess, then turned to go back out the the minivan.

While turning from the sink, I glanced out the window. The recent rain had pulled the pool cover down into the pool. Before I could add the pool shock I’d bought, I’d need to climb into the still chilly water and drag the cover out. (rising irritation).

Fortunately, the remainder of the evening went well. I never reached (homicidal maniac) or (sobbing wreck). Groceries were unloaded without a mishap, phone calls were made, the old car was cleaned out, and once I was in the water, the pool was pretty relaxing. Sigh.
What a freaking night.

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