Why Things Seem So Crazy...

So many puzzle pieces are falling into place in my mind all at once… Kellyanne Conway has referred to “alternative facts”.  She also refers to the “Bowling Green Massacre”, which never happened.  Sean Spicer refers to an Iraqi attack on a US Warship... which never happened. President Trump has an inordinate number of billionaires or near billionaires involved with his candidacy and as President.  This includes Elon Musk, who is on his advisory board.  

Now, Musk has been rumored to be a time traveler, apparently trying to push Earth civilization  (via revolutionary creations like Paypal, Tesla, SpaceX) to an advanced state, putatively to spread Earth civilization to Mars.  Meanwhile, “alternative facts” just might be lingo that a team of time travelers might use to refer to things that were facts in their previous timeline, but which have now been changed – facts like massacres and attacks which have no longer happened.  And how easy would it be for a time traveler to become rich, either through foreknowledge of events, or long range planning?

So that’s my theory.  They’re all time travelers.  My first guess is that Trump’s people came first.  They’ve been planning their takeover of Earth civilization for ages.  Everything is planned out.  But Musk arrived at some point and he or his team started making targeted changes, so that certain events that Trump’s team counted on haven’t happened.  That’s why they have so many alternative facts.  They’re getting more and more confused as the new reality diverges from their old reality.  Parts of their plans are falling apart.

The kicker is that I believe both Musk and Trump have the same goal - preserving Earth civilization form whatever catastrophe was about to fall upon it in the era they travelled from.  “The Obstacle” could be a fleet of alien starships arriving, runaway global warming, an alien drone ship detonating the sun, a rogue planet crashing through the solar system, a nearby star going nova, or any of an infinite number of other scenarios.

Trump’s team has decided there’s no time to play nice.  Things need to move fast, and one world government under their control is the only way to make it happen.  Musk’s people appear have a gentler view.  They feel that our best hope of overcoming “The Obstacle” is a robust society on a healthy planet, with room for innovation and invention.  I’m not sure which one is right.  Both Musk and Trump seem like lunatics most of the time.  They have information from the future that we don’t have.  But if we have to bet on one, I’ll bet on Musk.  His version of the run-up to the time of The Obstacle seems much more enjoyable.

There’s another bit of information that bears on this story.  Trump’s uncle John was the MIT professor that the FBI called into review Tesla’s papers after Tesla died. I shit you not.  Look it up.  Perhaps these papers led to the time-travel device being used today.  Is that why Musk named his company Tesla?  My mind is whirling.  

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