I'm reading S. by J.J. Abrams and Doug Dorst.  It's wild - a collection of items, starting with an old book from a high school library, heavily annotated by at least two readers, and which contains the rest of the items.  Story discussions later.  I thought I'd take this opportunity to catalog what has been inserted into the book, along with page numbers - just in case I drop the damnable thing and every thing flings free so that I can't locate the places they belong.  And so -

Between pages...   Inclusion.....
vi and vii                 Photocopies of a letter from Straka to the Mr. Grahm re: The Santana March. German Swedish and English.
10 and 11                 Lists on Pollard State University notepaper
24 and 25                 Photocopy from the Toronto Review of History
32 and 33                 Student Newspaper - The Daily Pronghorn
54 and 55                 Photocopies of telegrams from VMS to Karst & Son publishers 
68 and 69                 Color Photocopy of old newspaper clipping, with translation
86 and 87                 Handwritten note from M. Husch to Jean-Bernard Desjardins 
100 and 101             Two page handwritten letter from Jen to Eric
112 and 113              Postcard - Brazil, from Eric
130 and 131              Photograph of bricked up archway
178 and 179              Postcard - Native Birds of Brazil, from Eric
190 and 191              Postcard - palm trees, from Eric in Valenca
192 and 193              Postcard  - Brazil beach, from Eric in Ibirapitanga
200 and 201              Postcard - pictoral Brazil, from Eric near Marau
202 and 203              Anecdote on legal paper from Eric
242 and 243              Old snapshot of woman
256 and 257              Notecard - monkey, newspaper clipping and translation by Eric
306 and 307              map drawn on pronghorn cafe napkin
360 and 361              card  Jean Bernard Desjardins - with Straka quote
376 and 377              Two sheet handwritten letter from Jen to Eric
416 and 417              Note from Ermelinda Pega
fly and cover           eotvos wheel

Edit: 19Nov2013 Letter in Swedish, per anonymous comment.


Anonymous said...

Very helpful description! I used it to help catalogue this title for a public library. One correction: the letter from Straka to Mr. Grahn is Swedish, not German.

Mike Fischer said...

Thanks, glad it was useful to you. I'll update the German-Swedish thing!

Anonymous said...

According to http://sfiles22.blogspot.ca/2013/01/list-of-inserts.html someone else documenting the pieces and locations noted "German or Swedish". I can't tell if that person was expressing uncertainty or if there are two versions! Likely the first, but want to let you know. This amazing work is messing with my head and I can't tell what's real or not anymore.