Late Summer Dreaming

I woke this morning from a vivid dream where my family and I were humanoid insects.  We were eating a meal in our apartment when there was a sudden knock on the door.  It was the police from another race of insects to tell us that they'd taken power and everything we had was now theirs.

We got yelled at for eating their food without permission. We apologized and started putting their food into the refrigerator for "safekeeping".  My teenage son, still chewing a large mouthful of food (their food) caught a barrage of yelling from them.  Putting my hand into my pocket, I found the roll I'd been eating when they pounded on the door. I quietly put it into the refrigerator, for fear they'd find it on me.

Next, the police insects searched our apartment.  Stashed in the bottom of a foot locker was a bag full of parts (mostly narrow steel tubes) which could be used to construct a device for communication with a distant, third race of insects.  I was scared but, though they recognized the kit, they seemed unconcerned.  I wondered to myself if those other insects had been wiped out.  And then the hey soul sister, aint that mister mister as my clock radio alarm went off.

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