In recent days, New Glarus Brewing has been tantalizing me on their Facebook feed (and elsewhere) with talk of their new Abt beer. Apparently an Abt is some obscure Belgian style of beer that might also be called a Strong Belgian Dubbel. Who am I kidding? They had me at 'Belgian'. Well, they had me at 'New Glarus' and 'Belgian'. These guys know what they're doing!

As I walked in to Woodman's tonight, I was reminded that I wanted to try some. What reminded me? The case (as in six 4-paks at $9 per) set aside for someone at the front of the liquor department. That's quite a commitment - especially when you consider that it's really meant for laying down in your cellar rather than drinking now.

But who can wait a year, or two or more? Not me. So I cracked one open when I got home. First impression: wow that's a lot of malt! Second impression: wow that's a lot of alcohol! (9.6% ABV, a little more than double that of your MGD). As I sip this gigantic brew, I'm getting lots of fruity qualities (I see that the press release says raisiny. I'll agree). And it's damn good. (These guys say it better than me.)

But it's begging to be aged, so I'll oblige. The alcohol is punching me in the face right now. It needs some time to simmer down, just like that little blue bottle of Sam Adams did. So, I say goodbye to the Abt for now, and shuffle it to that special 6-pak holder in the back of the beer fridge to wait for time to pass... and wait... and wait... Maybe I'll crack one to celebrate TheGirl's high school graduation! (Class of 2016, represent!)

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