Restaurant Webpages

Can anyone tell me why a restaurant wouldn't put up a web page? I can't conceive of a reason, but there must be one. Is it laziness? Technophobia? Secret desire to fail?

Just about every restaurant does ads in the yellowpages, but how many people are still using them? Whenever, and I mean WHENEVER, I consider going to a new restaurant or out to eat in a new area, I do a quick google search on them. A good web page will not only give me their location, their hours and their phone number, it give me a chance to see what their menu is like. And the menu is what can hook me.

Show me a good menu description (for instance cerca de cielo at Cempazuchi in Milwaukee - "Symbolic of the thirteen layers of the Mayan heavens, corn masa cakes are stacked with beans, spinach, squash, peppers and cheese on a roasted tomato salsa" [ed.- and oh my god, it's so good!]) and even if I don't hit your place this time, you'll stay in my mind for next time. If they're smart, it will also show me a map of their location, and maybe a shot of the front of the place.

It's just good business. There are a variety of operators that have frameworks ready to go - just dump in your info. And I can't see how a simple website with menu, hours and pictures, with a nice domain name would run you much. I'll bet you can lock it down for less than the cost of an inch of column space in the yellow pages. And not doing it because of the cost is self-defeating - you'll be at such a competetive disadvantage if you don't. So PLEASE! for the sake of my dining pleasure, put up a website for your restaurant. Don't be a dolt.

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