Finally! A real sunspot

They've finally seen a real sunspot again this week! SOLARCYCLE 24.com has pics, including the one at right. That bright patch in the upper right quarter is the sunspot. Other filters show it as a dark spot. Last time we saw a real sunspot (not some anomally that can't be seen in the visual wavelengths, but that is being counted anyway) was June 23rd. Call it 92 days.

Of course the official number is much smaller, because of the Nothings they called a sunspot in July and early September. Either way, though, we don't beat the 95 day sunspot free stretch of 1913.

The interesting thing to be seen is what happens to the climate if this continues. The maunder minimum was a 70 year period with very few sunspots visible that just happened to be coincide with the Little Ice Age. Will we have another little ice age? Make a guess - in my opinion, it's unlikely that you'll do better or worse than most climatologists. I wonder if Al Gore has a slide show ready for the perils of glacial advance?

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Middle Bro said...

Oh Shit, Global cooling. Now what, do we have to start cutting down forests to reverse its affects? If Al isn't available will someone please call Michael Moore, maybe he can do a quick documentary. It doesn't have to be factually based, we just need something to rally the enviromentalists.