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The rain delay continues. But I've got a lot of stuff bubbling up that needs to come out.
Brett Favre is acting like a spoiled high school girl toying with the latest boy she's snared. Brette, if you were too busy to go to the Harvest Festival with Mike, then you're too busy to go with Jon. Now stay in your room until you stop crying. I feel so bad for what Aaron Rodgers is going to have to deal with, that I just may start watching football.
The interesting graphic at right consists of things that happened between the birth of McCain and the birth of Obama. I don't think McCain's age is really an issue. After all, President Obama would be way more likely to die in office than President McCain would be. Still an interesting group of items*.
Also, this being a single parent stuff is tough! Just putting dinner on the table and keeping the house orderly is sucking up all of my time. Hats off to those who pull it off, and a punch to the face for Hollywood stars who pull it off with the aid of 3 assistants, 3 cleaning women, a gardener and 2 nannies.
*In case you're wondering, it's Frozen Waffles , McDonald’s , Alaska, Oral Contraceptives , The Discovery of DNA, Israel, Scrabble, The Hindenburg, Margaritas, The Slinky, Superman, The 6-Pack, SPAM, The US Postal Service’s Zip Code System, The Discovery of Plutonium, TV Dinners, Automatic Transmissions, The AARP, The CIA, The Shopping Cart, The Golden Gate Bridge, Duct Tape.

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Jeanna said...

I'm so over Brettella that I let my cousin's dog do a post on the Jets move.
He always did have to be belle of the (foot)ball.
Although I feel sorry for him in advance for the season he's going to have.