Yet more vacation

Days 5 and 6:
We decided to head over to Virginia Beach for a couple of days. Unfortunately, just as we got to First Landing state park, the thunderstorms rolled in. Rain continued until late morning on Day 6. Sigh. Still, we did make it to the Old Cape Henry Lighthouse, which was pretty cool. TheBoy was too little to go up, but TheGirl and I made the climb. Pretty cool lighthouse - we were told that it was the first public works project approved by the United States. How cool is that?

After the lighthouse, we headed to the aforementioned beach. It's on the bay side of the penninsula, so the waves are more mild. It would have been lovely, if not for the storms. ohwell. So, we ran around Virginia Beach, pushing our stroller through the downpours the afternoon of Day 5. Not very fun, although dinner was nice at Watermen's. TheGirl got her crabcakes.

Day 6, was still drizzly, but we headed down to the beach anyway. Got some shellpicking in, splashing in the waves. I forgot how much I hate the feeling of seawater drying on my skin. Ugh! On the way back to the resort, we stopped off at Doumar's - claimant to the position of Inventor of the Ice Cream Cone. The cones were tasty, as was the ice cream. And everyone declared their lunch there to be tasty as well - egg sandwich, barbeque, and burger alike.

The surprise of the afternoon was our stop at Nautica - a maritime museum in Norfolk. We got to tour the main deck of the USS Wisconsin. Damn in that thing big! Plus - Wisconsin. Cool. They also had a shark touch tank (big ol damn nurse sharks!), a tidal pool touch tank (TheBoy liked the horseshoe crabs), and lots of fluid dynamics experimentation areas (read as - water and sand play areas)... oh, and some robotic arm control setups v. cool.

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