The Weekend

Let me say that this past weekend kicked major butt.

Friday was TakeTheGirl to Work day, lunch at the caf day, and geocaching day. Geocaching day turned into descending the eroded bluff, and a leisurely father-daughter beach stroll. TheGirl is transfixed by beaches and surf. We both agreed that 1) the park has the fluffiest sand anywhere, and 2) that lakes are better than oceans because you don’t get all sticky when you splash in the waves on a lake beach. We wrapped up the day with the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. Something about them unnerved me. Each bit was letter perfect, yet somehow they came across as alien. I’ll assign China’s particular world-view as the cause. TheGirl was in a fever pitch for the games this year. The Olympics are the theme in the school age room at day care, and she didn’t want to miss a bit of the ceremony. By the time the US team marched in, though, she was about ready to drop. Rather than push it until torch lighting time, I pulled that particular bit up on youtube, and she headed off to bed.

Saturday, was TheBoy’s 2nd b-day party. We never thought we’d be ready in time, but with a bit of help, we managed to pull it off. Tacos for dinner, and monkey cupcakes, lemon squares and peanut butter balls for dessert. Yum! Approaching thunderstorms threatened to undermine the party, but they slid away from us, and the rain was kept at bay by our new deck tent. The kids in the pool were “Singing in the Rain” in celebration. The Schlitz was a big hit, too. Seemed a little more bitter than your typical american lager. Not bad. I’d buy it again. Many guests remarked on the height of the corn in the field behind our house this year. A voyage into the field led to a height estimate of around 10 feet tall, root to tassel. Unbelievable!

Sunday, we had to put the house together again after the party. A last minute birthday party invite popped up, and whilst the rest of the family accepted, I declined, so that I could first reassemble our house, and then crash. I actually read the Sunday news on Sunday for the first time in nearly a month… and soaked up more olympian goodness.

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