More Vacation

Day 4:
More Colonial Williamsburg… a full day. We were a bit scared about this one, but things went fairly well today. By making a couple of changes (doubling the amount of water we bring, accepting the need for a pacifier, and targeting the occasional tool-heavy site for TheBoy oriented interest), and after apparently acclimating to the heat a bit (100 degrees today, but it felt cooler than yesterday), today was actually quite nice.

We were privileged to see ‘Patrick Henry’ repeat his ‘Liberty or Death’ speech, and ‘President Washington’s’ declaration that he would not be seeking a third term of office. I always get goose-bumpy and choked up when I hear these speeches recited, and the guys who did these were excellent performers. We all agreed that those were scary times with scary decisions being made. I wonder what these Patriots would think if they saw America today…

We toured the capitol building and heard an inspiring telling of the story of Virginia’s ramp up to joinging the Patriot cause. We also saw some great interpreters of 18th century trades – the Milliner’s shop, the cabinet makers shop, the forge, and the wig-makers shop were especially enjoyable; but probably the brick yard will be most well remembered, since both kids got to help stomp the clay being used to make bricks. I thought it was pretty cool, too, since the ovens used to fire the bricks looked suspiciously like those we saw in Mazatlan on our honeymoon. I wonder when that technique was dropped in the US. Is Mexican brick-making 50 years behind us, or 100 years, or 200 years? We took the opportunity to buy a few ‘brickbats’ from the gift shop as souvenirs. They’ll be included among the cream city bricks used as edgers around TheGirl’s 4th grade DNR fir tree..

Lunch was at Shield’s Tavern. We missed our reservation, because the capitol tour started a few minutes late., but they let us in anyway. And I was happy to see that my Pimm’s cup was served with a slice of cucumber, as required.

After one thing and another, we found ourselves reaching the shuttle busses after 5pm – way later than we thought we’d make it. After cooling down with smoothies and AC, we hit the pool at the resort. Boy-o was that pool packed! In my lap of the pool, I was smashed into by 4 people! Fortunately, TheBoy had more luck in the kiddie pool. HE’s getting a lot more confident in there, even walking around a little without holding our hands. Way to go Boy! Tuesday is Busch Gardens, and a meetup with an old friend – Poppgrrl! More after that!

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