A Visit from the Solstice Dwarves

You may be unaware that the Winter Solstice occurred last night at 1:08 am (unless you're in the southern hemisphere, In which case it was your Summer Solstice). I once again made up some Yule Toddy, and torched a mess of logs in celebration. I was in bed long before actual minute of the solstice, but it turned out that my solstice celebration was not finished yet. For early this morning, about 3am, my house received a visit from the Solstice Dwarves.

Why they visited this year and not last year cannot be accurately determined. Was it because I drank a lot more Yule Toddy this year? Or perhaps they visited the scene of my Solstice Fire, which was out in the yard last year, in the fireplace this year? Or maybe it's because I had the most sincere Solstice Celebration in the county?! Whatever the reason, at about 3am, these mischievous creatures crept into my home and started playing tunes on TheBoy's toy piano.

Imagine the scene: It's 3am, Mama The Wife in her kerchief and I in my cap had long ago settled down for a long winter's nap. When out int he living room there arose such a clatter tinkle of notes drifting through the house that I sprang from my bed awoke. "Did you hear that?" I whispered to TheWife. "Yeah, what was it?" she replied muzzily. I'm not sure. One of TheBoy's toys. Then we heard it again. Music coming from the Living Room. We sprang crept from our bed and into the Living Room. The flickering glow of the piano spread across the room as music once more flowed from TheBoys toy piano. We were, I think understandably, a bit creeped out.

After a moments hesistation, I bravely rushed the piano and flipped the power switch to 'off'. The music and lights were over. And having accomplished their goal of awakening us from a sound sleep at 3am, the Solstice Dwarves departed. It was a trying time, but one met with bravery and sleepiness. And remember, it could happen to you too! So be careful with your Solstice parties. Keep them insincere, or you too may be visited by the Solstice Dwarves!

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