I Feel Fantastic!

Thanks to 95th anniversary celebrations at the church that TWaK attend, I’m home alone tonight. With no one to interupt or complain, I decided to take some time to sift through AmieStreet, looking for rare gems. Well let me tell you, gentlereader, I’ve found them, as written and performed by Jonathon Coulton.

Sportsracers may remember Mr. Coulton from his lovely adaptations of zefranks songs from theshow. Other internet junkies may know him from his Thing a Week series of tunes. However you knew of him in the past, it turns out that you should know him from Popular Science.

It seems that in 2005, PopSci hired him to produce an album of songs addressing The Future of the Body. The album is entitled “Our Bodies, Ourselves, Our Cybernetic Arms”, and it kicks ass. My favorite of the five songs on this mini album is “I Feel Fanatastic” (linked in the title of this post), which looks at the inevitable result of skilled pharmaceutical manipulation of our moods and reactions. ("driving on drugs feels better when they're prescription")Best of all, the songs can be downloaded for free from Popular Science! Or if that disappears, buy them on amiestreet, like I did. (40 cents apiece or less than $2 for the whole album, at the time of writing).

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