HEROES SPOILERS! (Highlight to read more easily)
Shit. So Nathan is Claire's Daddy. They must've only been kids. And worse luck for Uncle Peter, eh? There'd better not be any action with Claire until they come up with a reasonable alternative father. At least he's found out how to access his powers - makes sense that an empath would need to 'pull up' the person in order to access their power. And th eInvisible Jerk actually seems to be helping. Another shameless misdirection in the previews (Oh no, it's starting). Not! Maybe we should get Peter and Sylar together... he wouldn't need to kill people any more. Except I think he would anyway. What a nutjob! Oh and what's with Hiro (or was it Ando?) suddenly smelling cologne? There's some other invisible person going around? Or does Ando have the power to smell cologne. Helluva super duo - Samurai Clock Stop and the Sniffer. Say does anyone else think that maybe Hiro's clock control powers are an indication that he WILL be the one to stop Sylar (the watchmaker)? Seems to fit the general philosophy of the show. And Hiro's family runs the company?!? Wow. Wonder if Dad or Sis have any powers (besides the power to completely ignore Ando). Huh. How long is it till next week?


Greg said...

I commented on this earlier in the week, but for some reason it never showed up here, so let's try again:

Hiro was the one who smelled the cologne and thought it was on Ando. Since Ando did not have a response, the implication is that Ando splashed some cologne on because he is attracted to Hiro's sister.

More importantly, did you see license plate on the car Hiro's father and sister left in? The plate was "NCC-1701."

The Fishmonger said...

Yeah, everyone has been pointing out the cologne thing to me. I guess I was in some sort of a trance while I watched the show. Worse luck for me, because the details turn out to be important or funny! F'rinstance, I totally missed that NCC-1701 thing. Classic!

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