Pants-off Dance-off

The other night both The Wife and I were burnt out. For the first time in a long time, we both crashed in front of the TV. For me, that means flipping through TV shows that I haven't the attention span for. I slide fearlessly into those strange high number channels. For TW, it means sliding in and out of sleep as a strange progression of TV show moments intrude on her consciousness. This time, I hit one of the strangest shows I've seen in a while. It's on Fuse.TV, and it's called Pants-off Dance-off.

The premise is this: five guests are selected from the pool of applicants. Each of them is shown dancing a striptease in front of the music video of their choice, while snarky comments from the other contestants and other assorted distractions (including an amusingly disdainful host) keep things interesting. As the final items of clothing are removed, censored bars appear.

You might think that watching people stip to videos would be distracting enough. If you did, you'd be forgetting that these are real people with the whole real range of body types and dancing ability. When I watched, the most attractive of the contestants (the swedish model) danced like a trained bear, while the guy dressed like santa claus... well, to be honest, I had to switch the channel during that one, so I don't know how well he danced. But it had to be better than the swedish chick.

Viewers are encouraged to text in their votes, and then check the website to see who wins the contest. As an added bonus, the website promises the Full Monty without the censored bars. (On the site, the censored bars are removed, but a mosaic effect replaces it. What? Well, I had to go to the site so that my blog would be accurate! Sheesh!)

The show is a train wreck of a concept, the kind of thing that a college TV station might come up with, but be forbidden to air. But somehow, I couldn't stop watching. I think they put crack in it... or heroin. So check your cable listings, and give it a watch. The first one's free.

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