Repeal Day!

From The Cocktail Chronicles, on the subject of the December holidays:

"Coming up first, chronologically speaking, is the fabulous new drink
holiday proposed by Jeffrey Morgenthaler to commemorate the end of the “noble
experiment,” the 13-year drought known as Prohibition. On December 5, 1933, the
18th Amendment was repealed and Americans could again legally tipple for the
first time since 1919."

So have yourself a locally-brewed microbrew to celebrate the day. After all, it was prohibition that led to the demise of most local breweries. And it took more than 50 years for the idea to really begin making a comeback. So (if you're from Southeastern Wisconsin), raise a glass of Lakefront, of Sprecher or of one of the fine locally-produced brew pub beverages to the repeal of the Volstead act! Happy tippling!


BA said...

What??? No love for the local macro-brews?

Mike said...

OK, point taken. If only now embarking upon a celebration of the repeal of Volstead, feel free to imbibe any of the local produced macro brews, as well. Leinie Sunset Wheat is particularly tasty (although I'm a little hazy on exactly which Leinie products are produced in Milwaukee, and which are produced in Chippewa Falls). An eminently quaffable american twist on the Belgian Witbier.

kiobu, n., an appetizer composed of marinated fish paste sandwiched between salted dried seaweed frequently offered in high-end japanes drinking establishments

BA said...

I can get some more Sunset if you'd like. Let me know.

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