Thursday's are grocery nights. We work out a menu for the week, and I make a list of everything we'll need, then head out to Woodman's for the shopping. It's a huge store, and they have everything I could want there. They have so much, in fact, that it usually takes me an hour or an hour and a half to do the weekly shopping, even with a list.

Well tonight, as I finished loading up my cart, all of the lights in the store flickered and went dark. And since this place doesn't have windows, it was freakin' DARK! Now, some light did come in through the glass doors at the front, but it was damned dark anyway. Dark, dark dark. Since I was almost done shopping, I decided to head to the front and check out. (The registers were somehow still working, and I figured the lights would come on again at any moment.)

I was wrong. By the time I got to the front, the management had rightly decided that allowing customers to stumble around in the dark was a potential liability. (After all, who knows what might be lurking in the dark?) In light of this (dark of this?), they asked everyone to leave. I had to abandon my full shopping cart, representing over an hour of hunting and gathering, and find another store to shop at. Let me tell you, that stung.

And not only that, but as I put items in my cart, I'd crossed them off of my list with Sharpie, and could only slightly see the pencil underneath it by the shiny marks it had left. As much as I hate shopping at MegaWalmart anyway (compared to Woodmans, it has an inferior selection, and the produce seems substandard), this time was even worse. What a night.

The fishy thing is that, earlier, I'd run into Libel Leak at the store. Shortly thereafter, the lights went out. I looked around by the registers... but she was nowhere to be found. Now I'm not saying she sabotaged the store. But if I were investigating this, I know where I'd start looking! If anyone needs me to testify, just leave a comment on the blog. I'm not bitter, just tired of grocery shopping!

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