Warning, Spoilers!
Just finished watching Heroes, and may I say, that was possibly the most gruesome ending to an epidsode of a TV show that I've ever seen. I mean, the girl wakes up during an autopsy, with her chest peeled back. Oh my god!

But many other less gruesome things on the show this week, too! We get to see the true colors of some of the characters. Seems like they're setting up an enemy for each of the superheroes. Some are worse off than others. For instance Niki ('mirrorgirl'), in addition to generating a multitude of enemies in the criminal underworld, can probably also count her own reflection as an enemy. Or at least as the kind of friend that Mom would call a 'bad influence'.

And we get to see Sylar... or do we? He's been kept very dark and mysterious. If Sylar can use his powers to hold someone up against a wall while impaling them with household objects, or force someone to put a gun to their head, who's to say the person we saw isn't just a puppet of Sylar, with the real Sylar hiding out of sight? Again, very interesting show. I think I'm in for at least the season.

And everyone seems somehow connected. Instead of 6 degrees of separation, these guys are at something in the neighborhood of two degrees! Everybody except Hiro seems to know someone else that factors in. Love watching the loose ends tie themselves back into knotts! PoppGrrl, if you can't watch this at its normal airtime, set your VCR or DVR!
UPDATE: Or download it here, or stream the most recent episode here

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