Empty Bowls Milwaukee 2006

We attended Empty Bowls this Saturday. It's a great event, held in many cities. Basically, you pay a set fee ($20 at this one) for a bowl full of soup, with proceeds going to local organizations that fight hunger.

But wait, there's more! The bowls are handmade ceramic bowls, and the soup and bread are contributed by local restaurants and bakeries. Plus, there are bands and clowns and info tables with interesting pamphlets to read while you wait in line (this year, we waited a touch over an hour). There's more music in the seating area (this year, we listened to Julie Moffitt - excellent! I bought the CD), plus Sprecher contributed rootbeer and 'Ravin' Red', which were available for $1 a cup.

The bowl I got (left) was the best, of course. The Wife selected the pedestal princess bowl on the right. The Girl's bowl (center) was a student-created bowl, so her admission was only $10. Excellent work, all around. There were a load of excellent soups including my favorite, the vegan option 'Armenian lentil soup' from Soups On. At least it was vegan until I topped it with a crumbled feta. Delicioso!

I'm sure the event made a load of money again this year. Good job, Empty Bowls!
(More pics at flickr)

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