Diet Pepsi Jazz?

I can barely even say anything beyond 'WTF?' How does black cherry and french vanilla make 'Jazz'? What's next? An instant coffee flavored soda called 'Easy Listening'? It's become increasingly clear that Pepsi and Coke are engaged in a desperate struggle to come up with the most ridiculous name for a beverage.

And the flavor is... well it's just another one of those cherry vanilla flavors that make me gag. I understand the desire to add flavoring to Coke and Pepsi. But how about adding cola flavor? A little bit of spicy deliciousness? The could call it Pepsi Flavor.

Oh ghod. I just googled Pepsi Jazz, and I see that there's a second flavor combo -- Strawberries and Cream. Yep, nothing makes me think of Mingus, Bird and the rest like strawberries and cream. Oh, and they've got a Frequently Asked Question page. It includes the nutritional information (summary: none), but fails to include the obvious "What the hell were you thinking?" Good luck to Pepsi on this one, they're gonna need it.

PS: I can't wait to see the ad campaign!

PPS: Oh! No need to wait! Check out the website! The conceit is that drinking diet Pepsi Jazz will make it seem like the world is scat-singing. Now there's a more appropriate name for this concoction - Pepsi Scat. The website also has a contest where you can win the right to never have to drink this filth ever again, not even if your grandma buys it for you. Or something like that.


poppgrrl said...

Oh, how timely. My sister-in-law had one of these the other day (she's a strawberries & cream type) and it kept her awake all night. Evidently the "Jazz" part is a little extra jolt of caffeine. So now you know.

Girl of Approval said...

I actually liked Diet Pepsi Jazz. I was surprised by this information, but it was good.

You're an interesting guy. Happy Blogging.