Assembling a water tower

As I was driving in to work this morning, I looked over to see a most amazing thing - a huge crane was lifting the top onto a water tower. I guess I just assumed that everything was built in place. Nope, the top half is assembled on the ground and then lifted into place. Unfortunately, I only had my camera phone with me, so I had to get off the highway to get pictures. The upside was that when I got closer, I was able to see that there were people inside the freaking water tower while they were assembling it! (Not really visible in my crapy phone cam pics). I can't even imagine what it must feel like to be inside that thing while the huge top comes down. A menacing presence hangs overhead, slowly descending. The light around you shrinks steadily. You know that if something goes wrong, the whole towner might collapse, killing you all. The sky continues to shrink, becoming a narrow line. Finally, the narrow band of sky winks out, and a resounding clang sounds out, obliterating all other sound, leaving you deaf and blind.

I think I'd shit my pants. I'm glad we've got guys willing to do the hard work, so I don't have to. (Clicking on the photos will give you a larger image - not great, but better than the little thumbnails at left).

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