UPDATE (Friday, 4:46pm):
Finally got around to taking some pics of The Girl's kidney stones - or at least the three the doctor kept out for us. Apparently, there were quite a few small ones and a big one that got lasered, as well as the stone growth that blocked the stent. Have a look (that's a nickel for comparison).

UPDATE (Thursday, 9:37 pm): We're home! Turns out that the kidney pain The Girl felt yesterday was because the stent had finally become completely blocked with cystine. When they removed the stent, they also found several small stones. (Don't tell anyone, but we got to take a few of them home.) But, no catheter, and no overnight in the hospital. We're all pretty happy about how things went today. And we're all eagerly awaiting TG's appointment with the nephrologist at the end of the month. It'll be tough, I think, but it'll be good to know what the situation is.

So, for the past 90 minutes, I've tried to post here at Children's, and it's been telling me that blogger doesn't meet the company policy. And now, for no reason, it works. Whatever. We're still waiting for The Girl to come out of surgery. The fact that we haven't heard anythingi s supposed to be a good sign. Somehow, it doesn't seem that way. So, we wait.

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