Stent Removal Pending

So, we kept The Girl up late last night, so that she'd sleep in this morning. The reason? Today is stent extraction day, and there are rules about these things. For instance, 'No solid foods after midnight'. A reasonable rule, but the procedure isn't until 3pm. She was allowed clear, non-red liquids until noon, but that just doesn't satisfy, does it? So far, she's doing well. In fact, we've had nary a complaint. Let's hope that carries through. I'm worried that with a 3pm procedure, her dinner may be very late in coming. In all likelihood, nothing but a catheter would dampen her mood. Let's hope for no catheter.

The positive end of a late procedure time is that, while TG was sleeping away the morning, we got loads done around the house! I moved plants, turned over beds and prepared them for solarizing while JuDee ran thorugh loads of interior chores like bathroom cleaning and laundry. And we got more done than usual, because we're both running on nervous energy right now. I hate, hate, HATE having them put TG under. I know it's necessary, but it scares me. So many htings can go wrong.

So stay posted, and I'll keep you updated. In all likelihood, I'll likely be posting updates from the surgery waiting room's 'puters.

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