Listen to 'Nuestro Himno'

So, they've recorded a spanish version of the US national anthem. So what? I'd love for everyone to hear it's story of one man's love for his country, and his fear that it would fall to foreign invaders. It's touching, really. And the artists mostly used a 1919 translation by the US Bureau of Education. They did change a line, however, and I object to that. Per wiki:

The only changes from [the 1919] version are a replacement of "no veis" ("don't you see?") with "lo veis" ("do you see it?") and "Fulgor de cohetes, de bombas estruendo" ("the brilliance of rockets, the roar of bombs") with "Fulgor de la lucha, al paso de la libertad" ("the brilliance of struggle, in step with freedom").

Giving the benefit of the doubt, the line change may have been somehow related to IP rights (does this make sense?). But it hurts the story of the song, and I reject it on that premise. I also object to politicizing the song with a remix planned for June, which will condemn US immigration laws. I always hate it when people wrap their political idealogies in national symbols. But given the topic here, it seems particularly inappropriate.

In any case, if you want to listen to the non-remixed version, click here: Listen to 'Nuestro Himno'

To read about the Star-Spangled Banner restoration project, click here.

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