Spring is officially here

So, I'm a bit behind on blogging this week, an d will likely remain so until The Girl is back up to snuf. But I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that the yard is now 80% ready for spring. Not too bad, considering that spring started almost two weeks ago. 95% of last year's plants have now been cut back and burned up.

The sole remaining bed is a mere 4x4 patch that will soon be converted to a guinea pig wonderland, complete with sodded paths, tasty herbs radishes, beets and edible flowers, and a few places to hide. Guine Pig Xanadu will also feature such security measures as white picket fenced sides and a framed chicken wire top (to keep out the hawks and coyotes). I think it will be a big hit. Sadly, none of this can be completed until the daffodils have stopped blooming and can be dug for replanting elsewhere.

The other remaining chore is the spring application of fertilizer to the lawn. This seems like a waste of time, as the lawn in a desperate place. There isn't a hint of green in the hard-pack patch that is our lawn. Not even the soon to be abundant dandelions, thistles, clover etc. have come to life yet. Do y'think that I could just stop mowing and weed&feeding and call it a meadow? Sigh.

But still, spring is here, and that can't be bad.

(NOTE: as you may suspect, the flowers in these photos are not mine. Sadly, I'm forced to content myself with a few crocus and snowflowers for the time being. But soon... soon.....)

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