A Day without latinos.

So, there were a bunch of so called "Pro-latino" rallies yesterday. Except they weren't directed at redressing inequities experienced by latino-americans. Rather, the rallies were directed at getting respect and rights for illegal latino immigrants. Apparently the euphemism of choise is 'undocumented immigrant'. Let me tell you - the only right illegal immigrants of any ethnicity have is the right to get kicked out of our damn country!

Why shouldn't illegal immigrants have a right to driver's licenses, medical treatment, food stamps and free educations?

1) They're here illegally. Hello??!? Can you hear me? There are laws in place that say that the way they entered the country is unacceptable. Applying for any of the above mentioned things will alert the government, which should be duty bound to report the crime to the proper authorities.
2) Illegal immigrants (unlike people with green cards) don't pay taxes! Through taxes, citizens of the US pool their money to pay for services that we (through our government) have deemed necessary. If you aren't throwing money into the hat, don't expect to be taking money out of the hat.

3) The US has an immigration policy that allows honorable people to petition for the right to live and work in america. Of course, there are many more people who would like to come to america, and some of them are criminally -minded or have no respect for our laws. For practical reasons (oceans, for instance), criminally-minded. morroccans (to pick a country at random) will have a tough time sneaking into the US. Since Mexico borders the US, it is easy for criminally-minded Mexicans to sneak in. Does this mean they have a right to? No. What it really means is that the number of legal immigrants the US can handle is reduced. So, instead of having legal immigrants from Morrocco, South Korea, Serbia, Russia, Argentina, Mexico, etc., we get loads of criminally-minded Mexicans. Now please, remember, I am NOT saying that all Mexicans are criminally-minded. I am only saying that our lax border policy (and the related free hand outs) give preference to criminal mexicans over non-criminal immigrants of all sorts (including Mexicans). This leads to an increased perception as Latinos as criminals. When the Latino community rallies in support of these criminals, that perception can only increase.

4) The whole setup is exploitive. Illegal immigrants are off-the-book employees. As such, they are typically paid zero benefits, and only a meager wage. This benefits criminally-minded business owners to a great degree. In fact, there are those who say the US economy will collapse if we eliminate illegal mexican immigrants as a source of cheap labor. Didn't they say the same thing some years back about african
slaves? Inconvenient or not, it has to stop.

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