Lisa on Death's Door

First Don Knotts, then Octavio Butler, now Lisa the goldfish is on death's door. Yes folks, Lisa, The Kid's three and a half year old goldfish has a terrible case of ick. Measuring over 6 inches from nose to tail, Lisa is feeling somewhat crowded in her 10 gallon tank. As has happened time and again, once crowding set in, Lisa took ill. Her fins had the beginning of a furriness that could only be the ick (Ick!). This time, moving to larger quarters is not an option; there's just no room. So, I ran out yesterday evening and picked up a bottle of ick medicine. I administered according to directions (a first, I think) and sat back to wait for 48 hours to pass, so I could administer a second dose. Twenty-four hours later, I checked in to see a large amount of fish fungus floating freely in the tank. Lisa was also covered with a thin layer of the white filth. Panicking, I gave her an additional half dose of the medicine. TK saw this and confronted me on it.
TK: What are you doing?
Me: The medicine didn't seem to be working, so I'm giving her a little more.
TK: I thought we weren't supposed to give her more until tommorrow.
Me: Well, yeah, but it didn't look like she was getting better, so I gave her a little more medicine.
TK: Isn't that how Elvis died?

I've apologized for endangering the life of her fish and confirmed that, yes, one should stick to the proper dosage on medicines. And I'm gonna be chuckling about this all night.

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